Generative Gestaltung

book on generative design


An interest in connecting disciplines and cultural technology is exemplified through the exploration of generative methodologies in »Generative Gestaltung«. The publication serves as a compendium of techniques and research on the subject.

»Generative Gestaltung« (English version titled »Generative Design«), offers insight into the world of generative design. As a richly illustrated collection of example projects, it shows a range of possibilities and stimulating inspirations for artists and designers. In an extensive didactic section, the reader has the opportunity to get a feeling for generative design by experimenting with an array of sample projects. The book is expanded by the website, which contains all source code from the publication, regularly updated for download.

While publishing the first edition, working with code was on its way to becoming a form of cultural technology. The development of new and fascinating imagery was beginning to strike an interplay between complex information, graphic layouts and the possibilities of programming. In addition, the potentialities of generative design were fundamentally changing the importance of the creator. One of the goals was to illustrate the incredible opportunities for visual output as well as the importance of the designer in relation to a customer and society. Since beginning this exploration, the user of these methods has now become a problem-solving developer of their own devices.

The publication takes an interdisciplinary approach to discuss and define the methodology of generative design. It serves as an educational tool for both newcomers and those with knowledge of the field to learn and improve generative techniques. The community from which it grew was instrumental in the development of the publication and the methods continue to grow and develop.

“Generative Gestaltung is by far the most exciting book that uses Processing published to date. The book is an extraordinary achievement.”
Casey Reas, co-founder of Processing


  • Publisher: Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
  • Authors: Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Groß, Julia Laub, Claudius Lazzeroni
  • Layout & Design: Julia Laub


  • ADC*E Award 2010
  • Red Dot Design Award 2010
  • ADC Germany – silver nail 2010
  • Designpreis Deutschland Nomination 2010
  • iF Design Award 2010